Card Knock Life #1 – All That Glitters is Gold

The gang goes over prerelease experiences and predictions for DoT cards in eternal formats.


  •  Introductions
    • Corey Murphy – @HoldMusicMKE
    • John Galli – @reddeckwinning
    • Brandon Semerau
    • Darrel Feltner – @bigdeezyrider
    • Xiuming Chen – @x1N23456
  • “Marry, Finance, Kill” or “MFK”
    • We evaluate the DoT cards seen in the prerelease and pick one winner, one sleeper, and one card that is overhyped
  • Prerelease Experiences
  • Puca Trade issues
    • Buying/selling/trading over internet
  • Cheating in FNM
  • Deck Tech “Glitters like Gold”
    • Glitters Like Gold
  • Non-Magic and Sign Off

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