Card Knock Life #52 – Eldrazi Fall

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Modern Nexus Metagame Breakdown


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  1. I’ve been testing a Tarmo-Saheeli deck. I tried Ancient Stirrings first but I’ve found Faithless Looting to be a lot better. It lets you pitch Ancient Grudges and other lootings for value and get rid of extra combo artifacts. I’ve won quite a few games by just making a huge hasted goyf token though. Playing with 4 Saheeli, 4 Liquimetal and only 2 Altar. Then go the Tarmo-twin game plan and side the combo out in g2 for most match-ups. Huntmaster, Thragtusk, Finks, Avalanche Riders, Clique etc work decently with Saheeli for a good value game.


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