Card Knock Life #71 – Commander Week One Tiers

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Pro Tour Amonkhet

Commander Tier

Whoops!  Darrel forgot to enable audio…  At least you can see what is being thrown in as a visual accompaniment to the deck-building exercise in the cast.


(Modern) Baral Gifts Storm Primer

mike-thomasMy name is Mike Thomas.  I have been playing magic competitively since Fate Reforged, grinding tournaments in the Oklahoma area with mild success. I started, as many grinders do, in Standard and I saw my first glimpse of success in Dragons of Tarkir with an Esper Dragons list at the SCG Open level with a Day 1 finish of 5-4.  I narrowly missed day 2 by punting my 2 win-and-in opportunities.  I’ve since delved into the world of Modern and Legacy where I was able to cash for the first time in a Premier IQ with Death and Taxes, earning a Top 32 finish. While my opportunity to play in PPTQs have waned with the continual marching of college and professional developments, I have still maintained a competitive spirit playing the game and have worked on tuning the lists of my teammates in Standard and Modern.

After seeing many local players bringing this new version of storm featuring Baral, Chief of Compliance to events, I was inspired to try it out myself.  A bit of testing and tuning has resulted in the following list…

Baral Gifts Storm

Storm is a deck that has been around since the beginnings of Modern and has arguably had the most targeted bans of any deck in the format’s history. From Seething Song to Gitaxian Probe, the Storm archetype has found itself constantly being hindered and nevertheless, the deck has managed to survive.

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