(Modern) GW Counters Company Primer


Corey Murphy is one of two hosts of the Card Knock Life Podcast.  He started playing magic in 1999, lives in Wisconsin, can touch his tongue to his nose, plays the trombone, and focuses his MTG content efforts on Modern.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  You’re here for the magic content right?  Ok, I’ll shut up now…

It is surprising to me that there are still doubters…

We’ve seen many recent MTGO League results slotting this pairing into Abzan company-style decks already packing Kitchen Finks/Viscera Seer as Vizier serves as a perfect pivot point between each plan.  This new option provides not only MORE combo potential for this style of deck, but one that strikes on a different axis; a combo that does not use the graveyard and one that is extremely difficult to interact with once it is assembled.

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Brewing: Thalia’s Lieutenant in Modern Humans

It’s easy to focus on the big impact, independently powerful cards in Shadows Over Innistrad.  It’s also easy to write off the awkward tribal cards that seem to lack the proper support in Standard.  Thalia’s Lieutenant will not likely see much play in standard due to lack of incentive to play the human “tribe” but just might be exactly what a Modern humans deck needs.

thalia's lieu

Unlike Vampires or Werewolves, the human creature type is printed in nearly every set in the history of Magic.  In fact, many times, lords and other human strategies appear in an even more focused fashion (ie-Mayor of Avabruck in Innistrad, Human Warrior archetypes in Khans, and Human Ally archetypes in Zendikar).  Modern gives us an opportunities to combine all the incentives of playing the creature type human into one deck but some important pieces have been missing.

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Brew/Bust: Three’s Company

Let us journey back to a simpler time, where Men were Men, Women were Women, and Birthing Pod was a combo deck. As time went by, Pod lost its roots and turned its back on the full combo in favor of value. No more Melira or Viscera Seer could be found in the 75 but a singleton Archangel of Thune and singleton Spike Feeder took their place. Fast forward to today and we see how the mighty have fallen. Birthing Pod found itself caught under the Almighty Banhammer of WotC and has been banished from Modern. Without missing a beat, the Pod decks just cut Pod and moved on as “Junk/Abzan Midrange”. Without Birthing Pod, what is a good hard working Abzan combo player to do?

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