(Modern) GW Counters Company Primer


Corey Murphy is one of two hosts of the Card Knock Life Podcast.  He started playing magic in 1999, lives in Wisconsin, can touch his tongue to his nose, plays the trombone, and focuses his MTG content efforts on Modern.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  You’re here for the magic content right?  Ok, I’ll shut up now…

It is surprising to me that there are still doubters…

We’ve seen many recent MTGO League results slotting this pairing into Abzan company-style decks already packing Kitchen Finks/Viscera Seer as Vizier serves as a perfect pivot point between each plan.  This new option provides not only MORE combo potential for this style of deck, but one that strikes on a different axis; a combo that does not use the graveyard and one that is extremely difficult to interact with once it is assembled.

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(Modern) 4c Saheeli Value Primer

blakeMy name is Blake Niemi. I began playing Magic in 1995 around the release of 4th Edition. I was a casual kitchen table player for a number of years and then turned to competitive play with the release of Mirrodin in 2003. While my ability to find the time for competitive play has waxed and waned over the years, I’ve continued to follow the game closely and presently find my enjoyment primarily in brewing decks for Modern.

The release of Aether Revolt had me excited. The set seemed to be full of potential with lots of cards looking to be strong enough to find a place in Modern. One card that immediately stood out to me was Renegade Rallier. In a format with fetchlands, triggering revolt seemed rather reliable and having access to one-drop mana creatures meant that Rallier could potentially serve as a potent piece of acceleration in a deck looking to ramp its mana. But what would I want to be ramping toward? 

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Card Knock Life #22 – Everybody Wants…

…To Be A ‘Crat!

This week we talk standard Aristocrats, legacy Enchantress, legacy Deathblade, and a couple of modern Coralhelm combo brews.


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