(Modern) GW Counters Company Primer


Corey Murphy is one of two hosts of the Card Knock Life Podcast.  He started playing magic in 1999, lives in Wisconsin, can touch his tongue to his nose, plays the trombone, and focuses his MTG content efforts on Modern.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  You’re here for the magic content right?  Ok, I’ll shut up now…

It is surprising to me that there are still doubters…

We’ve seen many recent MTGO League results slotting this pairing into Abzan company-style decks already packing Kitchen Finks/Viscera Seer as Vizier serves as a perfect pivot point between each plan.  This new option provides not only MORE combo potential for this style of deck, but one that strikes on a different axis; a combo that does not use the graveyard and one that is extremely difficult to interact with once it is assembled.

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Card Knock Life #65 – You Must Be This Tall… (3cmc)

This week Corey and Darrel give their reactions to the lack of changes to the banned and restricted list and discuss whether or not 3 toughness is still the barrier to entry for creatures in the modern format.


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Grand Prix New Jersey (Standard)

SCG Open: Dallas (Modern)

(Modern) Grixis Shadow

(Modern) Baral Gifts Storm Primer

mike-thomasMy name is Mike Thomas.  I have been playing magic competitively since Fate Reforged, grinding tournaments in the Oklahoma area with mild success. I started, as many grinders do, in Standard and I saw my first glimpse of success in Dragons of Tarkir with an Esper Dragons list at the SCG Open level with a Day 1 finish of 5-4.  I narrowly missed day 2 by punting my 2 win-and-in opportunities.  I’ve since delved into the world of Modern and Legacy where I was able to cash for the first time in a Premier IQ with Death and Taxes, earning a Top 32 finish. While my opportunity to play in PPTQs have waned with the continual marching of college and professional developments, I have still maintained a competitive spirit playing the game and have worked on tuning the lists of my teammates in Standard and Modern.

After seeing many local players bringing this new version of storm featuring Baral, Chief of Compliance to events, I was inspired to try it out myself.  A bit of testing and tuning has resulted in the following list…

Baral Gifts Storm

Storm is a deck that has been around since the beginnings of Modern and has arguably had the most targeted bans of any deck in the format’s history. From Seething Song to Gitaxian Probe, the Storm archetype has found itself constantly being hindered and nevertheless, the deck has managed to survive.

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Breaking Down Esper Transcendent with GP Brisbane’s Dylan Brown & Francesco Neo Amati

Expect the Unexpected

This week, Esper Transcendent designer and Facebook Team Transcendent admin Francesco Neo Amati sat down with Dylan Brown after his recent 21st place finish at GP Brisbaine with the deck.  Dylan shared his thoughts on why he chose to bring this list to the event, his thoughts on its position in the meta, and his overall experience piloting it at the GP.

Dylan Brown’s Esper Transcendent

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(Modern) 4c Saheeli Value Primer

blakeMy name is Blake Niemi. I began playing Magic in 1995 around the release of 4th Edition. I was a casual kitchen table player for a number of years and then turned to competitive play with the release of Mirrodin in 2003. While my ability to find the time for competitive play has waxed and waned over the years, I’ve continued to follow the game closely and presently find my enjoyment primarily in brewing decks for Modern.

The release of Aether Revolt had me excited. The set seemed to be full of potential with lots of cards looking to be strong enough to find a place in Modern. One card that immediately stood out to me was Renegade Rallier. In a format with fetchlands, triggering revolt seemed rather reliable and having access to one-drop mana creatures meant that Rallier could potentially serve as a potent piece of acceleration in a deck looking to ramp its mana. But what would I want to be ramping toward? 

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(Modern) Grixis Delve Primer

Often when I have a good run with a particular deck, I feel inclined to write a primer for it.  I tried my best to delay this one because I felt that the moment I did, I’d jinx myself and all the good things I’d say about the deck would go sour in my consecutive experiences with it.  It’s an odd superstition but I’ve got a record of cold streaks to prove it.  The longer I delay, however, the more I become a believer in Grixis Delve. 

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(Modern) Deck Spotlight – Mono Green “Smasher” Tron

Your opponent plays T1: Urza’s Tower and Expedition Map.  You’ve almost got to assume that this player is on GR Tron because if you don’t, a T3 Karn will hurt that much more.  What do you do?  Go on the offensive, flood the board and hope to overwhelm, use discard spells like Thoughtseize in hopes of dismantling the army of threats in their hand, activate your Ghost Quarters before they can assemble Tron?

For a deck that relies on a quick 7 mana to play ‘unfair’ cards early on, this could hurt.  When you pack a surprisingly offensive mid-range strategy, this can be the perfect diversion to unleash Thought-Knot Seer or Reality Smasher and go to town.

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(Modern) Grixis Delve Deck Spotlight

by Corey Murphy

In the words of the immortal Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson…

“Delver is yes and then no
Delver’s in then it’s out
Delver’s up then down
Delver’s wrong when it’s right
It’s blue and it’s…blue”

…well, something like that.

I am surely not alone when I say that I have a ‘hot and cold’ relationship with Delver of Secrets in Modern.  Without enablers like Brainstorm, modern players are forced to set up Delver flips with Serum Visions or (ick!) Snapcaster to flashback Serum Visions or… uh…”lucking out”.  While this can be maddening, the upside just might be worthwhile and Plan C, luck, may be the most common avenue.

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Brewing: Thalia’s Lieutenant in Modern Humans

It’s easy to focus on the big impact, independently powerful cards in Shadows Over Innistrad.  It’s also easy to write off the awkward tribal cards that seem to lack the proper support in Standard.  Thalia’s Lieutenant will not likely see much play in standard due to lack of incentive to play the human “tribe” but just might be exactly what a Modern humans deck needs.

thalia's lieu

Unlike Vampires or Werewolves, the human creature type is printed in nearly every set in the history of Magic.  In fact, many times, lords and other human strategies appear in an even more focused fashion (ie-Mayor of Avabruck in Innistrad, Human Warrior archetypes in Khans, and Human Ally archetypes in Zendikar).  Modern gives us an opportunities to combine all the incentives of playing the creature type human into one deck but some important pieces have been missing.

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